Drivers urged to get prepared for the heat

The Emsworth and District bus without its roof, after hitting the bridge. Credit: John Horsman

Roof torn off double-decker bus in Emsworth after railway ‘bridge strike’

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MOTORISTS are being advised to prepare for hot weather in case they get caught out in the sun.

Police are warning drivers to carry plenty of bottled water in their vehicles in case they find themselves stranded while waiting for breakdown recovery, as well as sunscreen.

Sergeant Darren Ord from Hampshire Constabulary’s Roads Policing Unit, said: ‘Our advice when you break down is to not wait in your car but to wait for recovery from a safe distance.

‘This heat leaves stranded motorists at risk of serious sunburn, dehydration and sunstroke so we’d advise everyone to make sure they’re prepared before setting off on their journey.

‘In this weather cars can also be more at risk of overheating so the risk of breaking down is greater.

‘Everyone should be checking their vehicle’s oil and water before setting off and ensure they know their roadside recovery numbers, should they break down. Don’t get caught out.’

The recent good weather has also seen an increase in motorcyclists and cyclists on the roads.

Drivers are being advised to allow cyclists space when over taking.