Firm completes work on two Wightlink ferries

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Burgess Marine has recently completed a successful winter refit season – including two ferries for Wightlink.

The work on St Faith and St Cecilia was undertaken at the company’s 5000T syncrolift facility in Cherbourg.

Burgess Marine, which has a base in Portsmouth, also refitted Condor Ferries’ Poole-based Condor Rapide during a three-month period at the French port.

Ray Cutts, Burgess Marine’s technical director, said: ‘Supporting the Wightlink fleet in Cherbourg has been a genuine pleasure.

‘We obviously refit their fast ferries locally in Portsmouth, so this extension of service is a natural development of our long-standing and mutually beneficial relationship.’

He added: ‘The engineering works on board the St Faith and St Cecilia included hull UHP and full antifouling work, and topside painting.

‘The sacrificial seawater pipework was stripped and rebuilt, the sea valves opened for inspection, re-seated and reassembled.

‘The stern prow was removed and partly rebuilt and two sets of Voith blade seals changed.’

Dover-based Burgess Marine operates both a 5000T syncrolift in Cherbourg and a 1000T facility in Portchester, Portsmouth. It is also the principal commercial ship repairer in Southampton and Portsmouth.

Chief executive Nicholas Warren said: ‘We have the technical management, knowledge and, perhaps most importantly the passion and integrity to bring something truly unique to the table with regards to fast ferries.

‘Our success is down to our people and our experience - our desire to do the best by our customers. All we are after is a fair day’s pay for a fair day’s work.’