Foo Fighters enjoy ferry travel from Portsmouth for IOW Festival gigs

ON TOUR Foo Fighters' Dave Grohl at the Isle of Wight Ferry''Port in Portsmouth
ON TOUR Foo Fighters' Dave Grohl at the Isle of Wight Ferry''Port in Portsmouth
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ROCK megastars the Foo Fighters swapped a helicopter journey for a ferry from Portsmouth when they travelled to the Isle of Wight Festival.

The hugely popular US band, pictured, who headlined the festival on Saturday night, chose not only to sail via Wightlink ferry for their set, but also declined to hide away in their vehicles for the duration of the journey.

ON TOUR Foo Fighters' on board the ferry

ON TOUR Foo Fighters' on board the ferry

Instead they mingled with the other passengers ahead of their successful headline slot.

Kerry Jackson, of Wightlink, said: ‘The Foo Fighters are just a typical example of artists that aren’t fazed to travel on the ferry.

‘It’s the only way to get there unless they go by helicopter.

‘We gave them the opportunity to stay in their vehicles for the journey, but they decided instead to go and mingle with the other passengers and visit the cafe.’

The festival is worth around £10.5m to the island’s economy on the weekend alone.

Hundreds of people used Wightlink to get there, though the total number is not known because so many chose to head back yesterday after a day of heavy showers.

The festival remains the busiest weekend of the year for the ferry company, which puts on extra sailings to cater for the demand, and with next year’s festival getting approval to have 20,000 extra people, it’s set to spell even more good news for the local Portsmouth economy, too.

Thousands more viewers opted to skip the queues and rain and watch the highlights on TV as the festival was broadcast in 3D for the first time by Sky Arts.

But those tuning in for one of the highlights – the recently-reformed 1990s Britpop band Pulp, who appeared before the Foo Fighters, would have been disappointed. Pulp did not feature in the channel’s coverage at all. A spokesman for Sky Arts said artists had to give permission to be televised, and Pulp had declined.

Dominic Collett, press and publicity officer for Sky Arts, said: ‘We’ve noticed some of you felt our festival coverage wasn’t comprehensive enough – we are really sorry to hear that. We did everything we could to bring you the best of the headline acts, but understandably, the artists’ permission must be granted for all of our festival coverage.

‘We do what we can to secure this, but ultimately we have to respect their wishes as to what we can and can’t show.’