Former councillor demands action on Havant parking chaos

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A FORMER councillor is demanding action is taken to stop residential roads becoming ‘car parks’ for workers and commuters.

Anthony Welch, a former Lib Dem councillor for Bedhampton, is angry that roads close to Havant town centre are being clogged up with cars and lorries.

Mr Welch lives in Bellair Road and says commercial vehicles and even horse boxes have been left in the street and surrounding roads for up to a month.

He has now written to Havant Borough Council to demand something is done.

Mr Welch said: ‘Over the last two years the number of cars, vans and commercial vehicles using Montgomery Road, Connaught Road and Bellair Road for free parking has increased to the level that residents can no longer park near their own homes.

‘From 7am to 6.30pm Monday to Friday rail commuters and workers in Havant use these quiet residential streets as their free car park rather than paying parking fees.

‘Double yellow lines and corners are ignored in the rush to find a free space as competition between the free parkers increases.’

He added: ‘Abuse is frequently hurled at those who slip in to favourite parking spaces. Meanwhile the residents struggle to find spaces for themselves and try to avoid hitting cars when their vision is obscured by vehicles parked on double yellow lines or at junctions.’

Residents’ parking permits were introduced two years ago in nearby Lymbourn Road and Elm Park Road, with residents paying £30 a year.

An additional 12 town centre roads were supposed to get residents’ parking – including Bellair Road – after an initial public consultation last year showed 64 per cent in favour.

However, when the scheme was advertised, the council was inundated with 128 letters of objection from residents and 77 from non-residents. There were just 12 letters of support.

The council said it would be reviewing again town centre parking on both the west and east side of Havant next year.

Michelle Green, parking and traffic management team leader, said: ‘Bellair Road, Connaught Road and Montgomery Road are on the list of schemes to be investigated.’