Gosport Ferry operator urged to drop prices

TRANSPORT Calls have been made for the Gosport Ferry to loser its prices
TRANSPORT Calls have been made for the Gosport Ferry to loser its prices
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A COUNCILLOR is calling on the Gosport ferry to lower its ticket prices following the fall in price of fuel.

Ukip councillor Chris Wood, a prospective parliamentary candidate for Gosport, has emailed Gosport Ferry Ltd saying that ticket prices should be reduced.

It comes as oil prices continue to fall making it cheaper for the ferry to run.

Cllr Wood said: ‘Earlier in the week, I got in touch with Gosport Ferry asking them to consider lowering fuel prices.

‘In the past three months, oil prices have reduced by 15 per cent but the ticket prices are the same. That it unfair for the passengers.

‘Now there are benefits from the drop in oil price, the ferry should be passing them on to customers.’

Since sending the email, Cllr Wood has not had a response from the firm, which charges £3.10 for an adult return trip.

Cllr Wood added: ‘The decision is up to them.

‘But they were the first people to say that the price of fuel was a contributing force leading to the increase in ticket prices. Now it is going the other way and they have a duty to reduce it.

‘Fuel prices look like they will continue to fall for the next couple of months but if they do go up, then the ferry company can just put them up again and there wouldn’t be a problem with that.’

Cllr Wood added that people could opt to drive rather than use the ferry because petrol is cheaper.

‘If the car becomes cheaper, people could choose that over public transport and the ferry,’ he said.

‘So it is in their best interests to lower ticket prices.’

At the end of last year, Gosport Ferry Ltd introduced a park-and-float ticket for Gosport residents.

It allowed people to park the town’s car parks and use the ferry at a cost of £89, saving them more than £30 a month.

But Cllr Wood said despite this cheaper alternative, prices should be lowered.

‘The park-and-float is entirely separate,’ he said.

‘Those cheaper options should not affect the overall standard prices.’

Gosport Ferry Ltd was not available for a comment when asked by The News.

‘Bus firms should be lowering prices too’

COUNCILLOR Wood has also asked bus companies to drop their prices in the light of petrol costs falling.

He has called on First Bus Hampshire to lower their fares.

In an email to the firm, he said: ‘As a result in the significant drop in oil price and the subsequent reduction in the price of UK fuel I call upon First Group plc to consider reducing the price of your bus fares.

‘And also to pass on a fair proportion of the savings you have made to your customers.

‘I do not believe it would be correct for your company to continue charging the same price in bus fares when one of your major overheads has reduced by the extent which is has.

‘A reduction in the price of fares at this time could well encourage even more people to use your services and thus provide a long-term increase in the use of public transport across our area.

‘However without a reduction in bus fare price car usage will become even more appealing.’