Gosport motorist in car crash after falling ill at the wheel

CLEAR-UP Police and the fire service at the accident.  Picture: Sarah Standing (120044-8162)
CLEAR-UP Police and the fire service at the accident. Picture: Sarah Standing (120044-8162)
The mechanical issue also led to a disturbance yesterday. Picture: Wightlink

Wightlink cancels 12 Portsmouth ferry services for Wednesday amid ‘mechanical issues’

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AN ELDERLY man was taken to hospital after falling ill at the wheel and crashing into a lamppost.

The 93-year-old was recovering at Queen Alexandra Hospital, in Cosham, after the accident which took place on Mumby Road, in Gosport.

At around 9.40am on Saturday the man was driving a gold Toyota Yaris estate when he lost control, clipped two parked cars, and hit a lamppost in the middle of the road.

The man was named as Francis Prior, of Harlequin Court, off Mumby Road.

He sustained injuries in the crash but they are understood not to be life-threatening.

His granddaughter, 44-year-old Jane-Louise Ling, from Alverstoke, said his condition was stable and he had not been badly hurt.

‘I’ve been told he’s recovering in QA and is doing well which is a huge relief,’ she said.

‘He’s an old man and a veteran but is still very active and full of life.

‘You can’t stop him doing anything and he really is all there.

‘We’re just glad he’s all right, it could have been much worse.’

Following the accident Mumby Road was closed near its junction with Clarence Road until about 2pm, causing some minor traffic delays.

A barmaid at the Clarence Tavern, in Clarence Road, Melanie Silver, said she had seen the wreckage from the accident when she arrived at work.

‘The road was already closed when I came in,’ she said.

‘I had no idea what had happened, but I went and had a look at the car.

‘It was really smashed up.

‘I’m surprised the driver wasn’t more badly injured. Thank god he’s all right.’

Terry Baker, 41, of Forton Road, Gosport, said: ‘I was visiting friends when I saw the ambulances and police cars arrive.

‘I’m glad to hear the old chap is all right; it’s a miracle really, considering the state of his car.

‘The road was certainly closed for a long time.

‘I suppose they have to work out exactly what happened.’

A police spokeswoman said: ‘We were called to the scene at 9.47am after a report of a crash.

‘It appears the accident was the result of a medical episode involving the elderly driver.

‘He is not believed to have sustained any serious or life- threatening injuries in the accident, but was still taken to hospital because of his medical episode.’