Half way there on £11m revamp of Cosham’s Northern Road bridge

LOOKING DOWN An aerial view of the Northern Road bridge works
LOOKING DOWN An aerial view of the Northern Road bridge works
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THIS picture shows the work that is going into redeveloping a busy commuter route in Portsmouth.

The image shows the eastern side of Northern Road Bridge in Cosham.

Pillars and reinforced steel bars have been installed and concrete will now be poured over the top to seal everything.

As previously reported in The News, Portsmouth City Council was awarded £11m from the Department for Transport to replace the bridge and it has put £1m of its own funds into the scheme.

The bridge is closed to general traffic until July while the first phase of demolition and replacement work happens.

Pictures were taken of the work from the top of Roebuck House in Cosham.

Project manager Ashley Chaplin said he was pleased with the progress.

‘We’re on schedule,’ he said. ‘The 20-week closure period is still accurate, so we are looking to reopen in early July.

‘We are about to start pouring the dock.

‘Having installed the big concrete beams on the eastern side and filled them, we have now put on top of that a network 
of reinforced steel bars which 
are going to be covered in concrete that will be poured in stages.’

In July, the second phase of work will begin and it will involve demolishing and replacing the western side in the same way.

Mr Chaplin warned that neighbours should expect noise late at night again because workers need to get things done when trains aren’t running through Cosham.

As previously reported, residents complained about not getting enough sleep when work was done during the early hours in March.

‘There is definitely going to be noise and there will be noise from late June while we prepare the western side of the bridge for demolition,’ said Mr Chaplin.

‘We get a significant fine from Network Rail if we run over our time slot.’

The bridge is due to be completed early next year.

An artist will be commissioned to work with schools and help create designs for the walls.

A time capsule will also be put into one the walls holding up the bridge.