Hampshire family fear living in their house after crash

CRASH The hay bales after the tractor hit the house, and inset Christopher and Jackie Lecomber
CRASH The hay bales after the tractor hit the house, and inset Christopher and Jackie Lecomber
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A FAMILY are scared to sit in the front room of their house after a tractor shed its load, smashing hay through the sitting room window.

Christopher Leslie Lecomber, 22 and his mother Jackie Lecomber, 56, say they feel uncomfortable living in the house, on the B1230 in Brockbridge, Droxford.

Christopher and Jackie Lecomber

Christopher and Jackie Lecomber

The force of the impact sent glass flying from the windows, showering Mr Lecomber, who luckily was sat facing away from the crash.

Mr Lecomber said: ‘I’m not very happy – I’ve been staying at my partner’s place since it happened.

‘It upsets you a bit – it does hurt, having something come into your home like that.

‘Luckily I had my motorbike gear on so I was protected – but not my helmet.’

The crash destroyed the front porch of the house and the sitting room windows last week. It closing the road for two and a half hours from 12.20pm.

Mrs Lecomber is no stranger to motorists crashing into property, as it is the sixth time someone has crashed into her home since 1970.

Mrs Lecomber was on the phone at the time when she heard a bang, and did not know that a tractor had crashed into her garden wall.

She said: ‘I’m terrified to be near the front door – I feel cold and shaky all the time.

‘You just have to act quickly. It’s lucky we weren’t killed.

‘If we were stood at the window we might not be here.’

Mr Lecomber has since been taken to hospital by his mother, and father Christopher John Lecomber, 63.

He developed hearing problems early this week, and doctors found shards of glass in his ear.

The piece of glass has been removed but he said the shock continues.

Mrs Lecomber said: ‘I’ve never felt shock like this before – the noise was like gelignite.

‘In all the times this has happened before we’ve had people apologise and drop letters through the door but not this time.

‘Biscuit my German shepherd was thrown across the floor.

‘The council didn’t even bother to send out a road sweeper.’

The fire service attended and police have taken no action against the driver of the tractor.