Hampshire police offer high wind driving advice

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POLICE are warning motorists to beware of high winds on Hampshire’s roads.

With strong gusts reported throughout the week, drivers are being reminded to exercise caution when out on the highways.

A spokesman advised that high winds can cause cars to be blown off course, other cars to be blown into the path of traffic, or debris such as trees and branches to be blown into the road.

He added: ‘Drivers should also anticipate buffeting by the wind and the slip stream from passing vehicles, especially high-sided vehicles such as vans or lorries.

‘They should slow their speed as the faster the vehicle is travelling the more likely it is to drift off course in a sudden gust.

‘Drivers of high-sided vehicles, motor homes or cars towing caravans should be especially vigilant.

‘Motorists should maintain a safe distance from other vehicles and take particular care around motorcyclists, cyclists – and in more rural areas, horse-riders.

‘If people have to drive in high winds, they should plan their journeys carefully, allow extra time for travel and check weather and traffic bulletins regularly.’