Hampshire prepares for bad winter weather

Winter weather causes road damage
Winter weather causes road damage
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MORE than £29m has been spent on the county’s roads to repair them from last winter and prepare for this year.

Hampshire County Council has spent the cash in the last nine months, tackling problem areas and making sure drains are clear.

It comes as the Met Office has issued a yellow weather warning this week – with winds of up to 50mph expected on Thursday.

As reported, the council was given £17.5m for flood and pothole repairs. This is in addition to the annual £54m spent on highways.

Work carried out includes cleansing 80,000 gullies, spending £2.8m repairing bridges, resurfacing 46 miles of roads and repairing 50,000 potholes.

Transport boss Cllr Sean Woodward said: ‘We’ve drawn on our experiences from last winter, particularly working with partners and how important it is for communities to pull together.’

The authority is calling on government to rethink how flooding schemes are funded.

Currently, areas affected by groundwater flooding do not score highly on criteria for government cash but this type of flooding causes disruption and isolates people due to flooding of major roads.