‘He was completely wedged under the car... I was shocked’

ACCIDENT Emergency workers and rescuers with jacks used to lift off the car.    Picture: Dean Kedward
ACCIDENT Emergency workers and rescuers with jacks used to lift off the car. Picture: Dean Kedward
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A TYRE fitter has told of the dramatic moment he helped rescue an eight-year-old boy trapped under a car.

Sydul Islam was hit by a taxi in Twyford Avenue while on his way to Stamshaw Junior School, in Portsmouth.

RESCUER Jason Clark

RESCUER Jason Clark

The accident left the youngster wedged under the middle of the car, only inches from the front wheels.

Jason Clark, of Meyrick Road, who works in the nearby R&L Tyres, was one of the first on the scene yesterday morning. He quickly jacked up the AquaCars taxi in a bid to free the boy.

The 20-year-old said: ‘I heard the screeching of a car and screaming and I came out to see if there was anything I could do. But when I saw what had happened I froze.

‘Then someone asked if anyone had jacks and I said “I do” and ran over to get them.

‘The car was pressing right into his chest and he was completely wedged underneath the car. We had to take the weight of the car off him so that he could breath easier because anything could’ve happened if he started to panic while the car was still on top of him. I had to look away because he looked badly injured – I was shocked.’

Police say witnesses confirmed the boy had run out in front of the car and that the taxi had swerved in a bid to avoid him.

Paramedics initially thought Sydul had serious head injuries and scrambled the air ambulance while police officers closed the road shortly after 8.30am. They treated him at the roadside before discovering Sydul’s injuries were not life-threatening. Police reopened the road at 9.45am and he was taken to Queen Alexandra Hospital to be treated for back, neck and head injuries.

Jason said police officers and the headteacher of Stamshaw Junior School, Simon Cattermole, had come to his shop to thank him.

Mr Cattermole said: ‘Quick-thinking on his part may well have averted more serious injuries.’

He added: ‘The children are upset and we’re providing as much support as possible for them. Some of them witnessed the incident so we want to put their minds at rest. We all hope Sydul has a speedy recovery.’

Police are appealing for more witnesses but do not believe the driver was at fault. AquaCars say the female driver was too upset to speak.

Call PC Jim Chapman of Fratton roads policing unit on 101 or 0845 045 4545.