Head demands speed calming outside Clanfield school

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URGENT calls have been made for speed-calming measures outside a school before a serious accident happens.

Mark Pickering, the headteacher at Clanfield Junior School, organised a crisis meeting with highway officials, police and local MP George Hollingbery to thrash out a solution to the traffic problems outside his school.

As reported in The News, Mr Pickering was forced to double up as a lollipop man to make sure his pupils could get safely across the road.

The school, in Little Hyden Lane, is on a blind corner.

It has now found a permanent school crossing warden, but Mr Pickering says more action is needed.

He said: ‘My experience, in the five months that I did the crossing patrol, is that it is a dangerous crossing for a crossing patrol.

‘On numerous occasions it was not possible to step out into the road and stop the traffic because the traffic was travelling too fast.

‘When you did step out into the road the traffic was travelling at such a speed it was only able to stop within just a few feet of myself.

‘We need to do something.

‘There’s a danger otherwise that there will be a serious, serious accident there.’

The speed limit is 30mph, but Mr Pickering said reducing the speed limit was not enough.

He added: ‘What I would like to see is something that physically slows traffic down.’

Speed humps are being considered by highway experts at Hampshire County Council.

Mr Hollingbery said: ‘Mr Pickering even told me that one pupil was forced to phone the school because he could not get across and several others have been worried about crossing, so this is clearly a serious issue.’

Highway engineers at Hampshire County Council are now coming up with a list of options and will report back to Mr Pickering.