Heartache for woman in row over parking fine

UNFAIR PENALTY Fiona Enticknap was fined for parking in Havant Retail Park. Picture: Ian Hargreaves (132873-7)
UNFAIR PENALTY Fiona Enticknap was fined for parking in Havant Retail Park. Picture: Ian Hargreaves (132873-7)
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A VISIT to Havant Park saw Fiona Enticknap threatened with bailiff action and a whopping £160 fine.

Mrs Enticknap has been worried for weeks after being told she must go to court unless she pays a £160 fine – purely because she walked across a road and took her eight-year-old stepson to play on the swings.

The 43-year-old was a victim of the controversial parking rules during the summer at Central Retail Park in Havant.

Any motorist who left the site for any length of time was given a £100 fine, but many drivers complained the signs were not clear.

For years people had been able to park up and walk around the town, but the rules were changed because car park managers said spaces were being clogged up by people who were not using the shops, such as Aldi and Wickes.

At the end of August, two weeks after Mrs Enticknap was fined, the controversial rules were scrapped.

But Mrs Enticknap was still being pursued for her fine, which went up to £160 because she refused to pay it.

Bailiffs recently sent two threatening letters to Mrs Enticknap, demanding payment by today.

UK Parking Control, which manages the car park, confirmed yesterday to The News that the fine had been cancelled, but Mrs Enticknap insists she was never notified.

Mrs Enticknap, from Hambrook, near Emsworth, explained: ‘I was just going to pop to the park and then go to Aldi and get something for tea.

‘There was a ticket on my car – I must have only been away 40 minutes.

‘I was really upset and shocked. I did not go into Aldi and drove to my mum’s for a cup of tea.’

When she complained to the company, Mrs Enticknap said she was told her fine would only be cancelled if she had an Aldi receipt – which she did not have.

She said she was ‘relieved’ the ordeal was over. She added: ‘I feel I was not in the wrong and this has caused me heartache that I did not need to go through.’

Lorraine Weatherley, appeals team manager at UK Parking Control, said the charge was cancelled on October 2.

She added: ‘I have now arranged for a copy of the cancellation letter to be sent again to Mrs Enticknap and confirm the charge is cancelled in full and the matter closed.’