Hire bikes installed at Portsmouth park and ride base

Hire bikes in Portsmouth. Picture courtesy of ICEE
Hire bikes in Portsmouth. Picture courtesy of ICEE
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AN MP says she hopes a hire bike scheme included in the city’s new park and ride scheme will be extended across the city.

Brompton Dock has installed a 20-space foldable bike hire scheme at the new park and ride in Tipner.

And Portsmouth North MP Penny Mordaunt has said she would like to see more bikes in the future to encourage more people to cycle.

She said: ‘Potentially it’s something that could be put out across the city.

‘Unlike the Boris Bikes in London, you can just pick it up which I quite like the idea of.

‘People can use them to ride into the city, but if they wanted to get a bike and go up to the New Forest, unlike Boris Bikes, you can fold them up and stick them in your car.

‘It’s great. I’m going to be really interested to see how it works. They have had some good responses so far.

‘It’s something that could be rolled out around the city in the future. It lets people have a go at cycling.

‘We ought to be doing many more innovative things to alleviate traffic and improve people’s quality of life.’

Andy Edney, operations manager at Brompton Dock, said the company may in the future look at expanding its docks in Portsmouth.

Pricing details for the hire bike scheme are here