Householder tells of terrifying moment Mercedes smashed into her Portsmouth home

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A woman has described the terrifying moment a car smashed through the front wall of her Portsmouth home early today.

Three men were arrested after the Mercedes crashed through the garden wall outside Mary Voller’s house in Grove Road, Drayton at 1am.

The car ended up jammed up against the front door, meaning she could not initially get out.

‘I was so shook up andthen I couldn’t get out of my house’ she said.

‘I wasn’t expecting what I saw when I managed to get out the front. They have smashed my wall completely.’

The car slammed through a concrete bollard on the pavement before hitting the wall.

It is frustrating and I shouldn’t have to pay for it.

Householder Mary Voller

‘I didn’t hear any screeches from the car braking but they must have been going fast to pull the bollard out,’ said Ms Voller.

Police and firefighters from Cosham were called by Ms Voller’s neighbour Jim Phillips after he woke to the sound of the crash.

He said: ‘I thought my chimney had fallen down so I ran into my daughter’s room to see if they were ok then I saw what happened through the window.’

Ms Voller has now been left with the task of trying to get her house realigned and her garden wall rebuilt.

‘I can’t even phone the insurance company on my landline as my phone cable was broken in the crash’ she said.

‘It is frustrating and I shouldn’t have to pay for it.’