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full up after festival

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TICKETS for hovercraft trips from the Isle of Wight ran out for the first time ever due to the popularity of Bestival.

Hovertravel announced on Saturday that it had stopped selling tickets for today’s services from Ryde to Southsea.

By Saturday morning all the seats had been taken.

A spokesman for Hovertravel said: ‘With our busiest Bestival ever, Hovertravel is completely full.

‘It is the first time ever we have stopped selling tickets for a day.

‘It’s great news to see so many people choosing to visit the island by using us.’

Anyone trying to buy a ticket from Ryde to Southsea at the weekend on the firm’s website was presented with a message which said: ‘Due to the overwhelming popularity of Bestival we have no seats available for Monday from Ryde to Southsea.’

People were given the chance to buy a ticket for Sunday or Tuesday, and were told they could use them today only if space becomes available.