Hundreds sign petition calling for new crossing near Portsmouth school

NOT HAPPY Simon Thornton at the Havant Road/Farlington Avenue junction
NOT HAPPY Simon Thornton at the Havant Road/Farlington Avenue junction
Picture: Carey Tompsett/PA Wire

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HUNDREDS of people have backed one dad’s call for a pedestrian crossing near his children’s school.

Simon Thornton, 43, has a petition with the signatures of 200 worried parents, teachers and residents.

They are concerned by the lack of a pedestrian crossing at the junction between Havant Road and Farlington Avenue in Drayton.

The dad of two said at the moment he is too worried to let his two children walk to school on their own because of the road set-up, which consists of traffic lights and dropped kerbs at the junction but no crossing for pedestrians.

‘We have to walk the same way every day,’ said Mr Thornton.

‘We have to cross the road to get to school and there’s no crossing for us to use.

‘It’s not that I can’t be bothered to go the longer way, but it is the way that many children are going to school.’

He added the area on the opposite side of Havant Road to Solent infant and junior schools is a large residential area and catchment area.

‘I have contacted the council about getting a crossing and have put a petition together with all the parents I know signing it.

‘I went up and down the road. Even older people were concerned by it and signed up.

‘My main concern is for children. I would never let my six-year-old daughter come this way on her own.

‘My son’s friend got knocked over at a nearby pedestrian crossing a year ago.

‘I think something worse could happen here.

‘I sent the petition off a long time ago, and have had numerous emails and telephone calls to and from various people at Portsmouth City Council, MPs, councillors and both headteachers, all supporting me and other residents for our wish to see a crossing installed, but so far nothing has been done.’

A spokeswoman for the authority added that the petition would be considered at a council meeting on February 11 to discuss the next financial year’s budget.

The budget has to be finalised by March 1.