‘I am amazed no-one has been killed there’

CAMPAIGN David Harrison wants action to to be taken at Stubbington Avenue, North End
CAMPAIGN David Harrison wants action to to be taken at Stubbington Avenue, North End
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DAVID Harrison doesn’t need statistics or traffic consultants to convince him that a roundabout in North End is dangerous.

With a perfect view of it from his lounge window, the 64-year-old says he sees near misses almost every day.

Mr Harrison is campaigning for safety measures on the roundabout, which is one of the busiest in Portsmouth and connects London Road with Gladys Avenue, Stubbington Avenue and Angerstein Road.

It comes after a report in The News highlighted the dangers of this stretch of road.

Figures provided by Portsmouth City Council showed London Road in North End is the most dangerous in the city.

A total of 398 crashes have happened over the last 10 years.

Transport leaders have acknowledged the roundabout needs improving – but said there was no money in the kitty at the moment to tackle it.

Mr Harrison said: ‘I live practically on top of it. My dining table is in the bay and breakfast times at the weekend are the worst time.

‘I am amazed no-one has been killed there with the way traffic builds up.

‘People are travelling north and south far too quickly because they think they have a reasonable view.

‘But coming from east, west and from Gladys Avenue, the visibility is very poor.’

Mr Harrison added: ‘Somebody is going to get seriously hurt or killed. Traffic going north and south should be slowed down with rumble strips. The junction should be made a box section.’

The council recently spent £400,000 widening pavements and improving pedestrian crossings in North End to improve safety.

Councillor Jason Fazackarley, in charge of transport, said: ‘We’ve done a lot to increase safety on London Road recently, including wider pavements, better crossings and a ban on heavy lorries. There are improvements that could be made to the roundabout, but at the moment I’m afraid we don’t have the funds to pay for a project.

‘We hope to be able to tackle this site as soon as funding becomes available. We’ll be investigating opportunities for funding when the next round of government grants is announced in early 2013.’