Icy conditions cause delays on Portsmouth train services

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South Western Railway have dedicated 15,188 hours of elbow grease towards cleaning the trains in the past 100 days. Picture: SWR

Railway firm says it will not ‘rest on laurels’ when it comes to cleanliness

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BUSES are replacing trains between Havant and Guildford because of icy conditions.

There are major delays and cancellations on South West Trains services between Portsmouth and London Waterloo because a conductor line which provides power to trains became too cold.

A spokesman for South West Trains said: ‘We’re working hard to get services restored as quickly as we can.

‘What happened is our trains run using a conductor rail, that is the rail that they draw their power from to be able to move.

‘Sometimes in extremely icy conditions if ice forms on that conductor rail it prevents the power from reaching the train. The train will struggle to get enough power to move.’

Trains going into and out of Portsmouth were affected by the delays and trains still can not pass between Havant and Guildford and there is no update on when they will be up and running again.