Ideas considered for Southsea road

Drivers have consistently come across pothole problems in Hampshire: Picture: Steve Robards

Council secures funding to tackle Hampshire’s potholes

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MORE councillors have come forward to address issues with traffic in Southsea.

Councillor Hugh Mason, who represents St Judge ward, said changes were being looked at.

He said ideas to improve Osborne Road and make it more pedestrian-friendly were in the early stages.

But he quashed any talk of the whole road being closed off to traffic.

‘It is difficult to see how any idea could involve the closure of Osborne Road, since it is required for access to the rear of some shops, he said.

‘It is also a through route for a number of bus routes and for the emergency services.’

As previously reported in The News, Cllr Luke Stubbs wants to see a new traffic strategy for the area drawn up.

He also raised concerns that motorists were not updating their sat navs and getting confused by new restrictions.

New bollards have been erected three quarters of the way down so heavy good vehicles stop using it as a through road.

Cllr Mason said: ‘Cllr Stubbs’ comment about traffic going on the pavement in Lennox Road South to get round the closure is temporarily correct because someone managed to remove a bollard and the paving stones with it.

‘I am told it was a heavy vehicle.’

‘If people are driving into the area because of sat navs it is clear that they are not looking at the road signs.’