Injured Cowplain cyclist sends a big thanks to kind strangers

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A CYCLIST who was knocked off his bike has thanked the kindness of strangers who came to his aid.

Jeremy Rogers, 42, leapt from his bike on to the pavement to avoid being taken under the wheels of a lorry.

The dad-of-two, from Cowplain, was cycling home from Chichester along the A259 at Emsworth when the accident happened at about 4.30pm last Thursday.

Mr Rogers, who cycles the route regularly commuting to work, said: ‘I was just passing the Sussex Brewery pub. I was aware of a lorry behind me. The lorry came alongside me and I thought “he’s not leaving me much room”.

‘I realised there was a trailer and I thought “that’s it, he’s going to hit me”.

‘I thought either I go under the wheels or throw myself on to the verge.’

Mr Rogers, who was lying by the roadside dazed and badly bruised, said several people came to help.

He said: ‘There were two men. One was called James. They worked for a gas company.

‘They were brilliant and looked after me.

‘There was an off-duty nurse from St Richard’s Hospital who had her kids in the back of the car.

‘There was an elderly couple who stopped and gave me a blanket. There were a couple of residents who offered to take my bike in.’

Mr Rogers was taken to Queen Alexandra Hospital on a spinal board, but only had cuts and bruises.

Mr Rogers added: ‘We hear how bad things are and how fractured our society is, but lots of strangers helped and did their bit.

‘I just wanted to say thank you. The good people of Emsworth were concerned enough to stop and make me feel valued.’