Juggernauts pose a ‘serious threat’ in Chichester

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THUNDERING agricultural juggernauts are ‘posing a serious threat’ to the environment and pedestrians in Chichester, it has been claimed.

A call for an ‘exclusion zone’ in the city is being made by a senior member of West Sussex County Council, who wants strict controls to keep them off unsuitable roads.

Cllr Mark Dunn said the problem centred on ‘industrial scale’ plant in the form of agricultural machinery. He said tractors were towing large trailer-loads of produce through parts of the city.

‘Quite frankly, these vehicles scare me,’ said Cllr Dunn, who plans to raise the issue at the next county meeting. ‘They wobble and sway, and if something wobbles, it is almost by definition not under proper control, or is unsafe.

‘One doesn’t want to be destructive, but I don’t consider the farming and horticultural community are conscious of the damage they are doing to people’s pleasure and of the threat to safety.’