Letter of the Day: Drivers should abide by the Highway Code

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With more than 50 school traffic patrol vacancies across the city, it is more important than ever that drivers abide by the Highway Code.

Every morning and afternoon as I wait to cross the zebra crossing near my child’s school, drivers give me a little apologetic wave, as if to say ‘I would normally stop, but I’m in a bit of a hurry’.

Stopping at a zebra crossing is not optional, it is not at the driver’s discretion.

No-one would drive through a red light waving apologetically.

Pedestrians in the middle of the road have right of way whether they are on a crossing or not.

The zebra crossing gives pedestrians right of way just by being stood ready to cross.

The penalty for not stopping is £100, and having seen so many near accidents I think it’s time the police or council started enforcing the fines more vigilantly before someone is knocked down.

Meg Janes

Chetwynd Road, Southsea