Letter of the Day: Traffic shambles in Portsmouth

Traffic in Portsmouth
Traffic in Portsmouth
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What a shambles of ‘traffic management’ this week in Portsmouth.

In Copnor Road, traffic queues were back over Copnor Bridge, down Milton Road, right down to the prison.

They’re digging up Copnor Road yet again – Portsmouth Water this time.

Eastern Road has been down to one lane for traffic going northwards for a major stretch of the road due to ‘traffic signals improvements’ at the Airport Service Road.

Why is it necessary to cone off the whole stretch of the inner lane?

I drove past southbound and the queue trying to go north out of the city was tailed back past Tangier Road.

There was not one person working on that whole stretch of the road.

Colas, why is it necessary to shut down half of the Eastern Road?

Traffic queues due to works in Milton Road by St Mary’s Hospital and traffic lights in operation, all in the same week.

Really good planning.

Elaine Alexander (Mrs)

Tangier Road, Portsmouth