Letter of the Day: What age is best to stop driving a car?

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I am approaching retirement at 65 next year and wonder how long I will be a safe driver?

The reason I write this is due to something I witnessed on June 3 as I drove home from work at 4pm.

I, with other drivers, was waiting at the traffic lights at the junction of Catherington lane and the old A3 London Road travelling south after leaving Horndean.

I noticed an elderly couple driving a pale metallic blue Nissan Sunny of 80s vintage slowly undertake us using the bus lane.

Upon reaching the red traffic lights they just drove through them and were narrowly missed by the drivers correctly using the junction.

The Nissan then swerved right to carry on going south.

I think it’s time for this driver to use the bus pass that is available and stop driving for good because clearly they are incapable of seeing left arrows in the road, huge bus lane markings in the road or worse a red light and finally not noticing a queue of cars waiting at lights.

When will they kill someone?

Jon Jackson

Blenheim Road, Horndean