Lollipop man left stunned as car almost hits him

M27. Picture: Malcolm Wells

One lane closed on M27 after crash

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LOLLIPOP man Raymond Gillam has spoken of his shock after he was nearly hit by a car at the spot where another crossing patrol man was killed.

Mums and children watched in horror as a silver Peugeot whizzed past Mr Gillam as he stood in the middle of Tempest Avenue, Waterlooville, with his ‘Stop’ stick up.

NEAR-MISS Lollipop man Raymond Gillam

NEAR-MISS Lollipop man Raymond Gillam

He was about to cross three mums and around eight children, who had not stepped into the road when the incident occurred.

Ray Elsmore, 82, of Florentine Way, Waterlooville, died in the same road when he was hit by a car during his afternoon shift in December 2012.

The incident has renewed calls for a pedestrian crossing with signals in Tempest Avenue, as well as at the nearby Westbrook Centre.

Mr Gillam, 67, a former porter at St Mary’s Hospital in Portsmouth, said: ‘The parents were on that side of the road and I went into the middle of the road.

KILLED Ray Elsmore

KILLED Ray Elsmore

‘There were flashing lights on both sides of the crossing.

‘The car just came straight past – I wasn’t very far from the car.

‘If I was a bit more to the side she would have hit me. I couldn’t believe it. I was dazed, it all happened so quickly.’

Mum-of-three Hayley Hansford, 30, of Harkness Drive, said: ‘There were one or two other mums and about eight children.

‘Ray came out into the middle with this stick up and she went straight through and did not even stop.

‘I was shocked. It looked like the woman driver was shouting at a kid in the front.’

Mum Emma I’Bell added: ‘If he had been a couple of inches the other way it would have been a tragedy.’

Mrs Hansford managed to get the start of the number plate – AG53 – and reported it to the police.

Mrs Hansford added: ‘Something needs to be done.

‘Is it going to take a child to be run over? How many more near-misses do there need to be?’

The incident was reported to Hampshire County Council.

Officials said they were continuing to review whether extra safety measures were needed, including pedestrian crossings.