M27 tragedy: Should footbridge fences be higher?

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Calls are being made for footbridge fences to be made higher on all motorway bridges after a woman fell to her death on the M27.

The accident at the westbound turn-off for Fareham at Junction 11 came after she apparently managed to scale the guard rails before the tragedy yesterday afternoon.

Council officials and emergency services are to hold a review meeting after roads across the area were gridlocked for hours after the incident.

And they are facing calls for a review on guard rail heights.

Among those calling for action was reader Zowie Robson. She posted on The News Facebook page: ‘Maybe while your looking at lessons to be learned maybe someone needs to look at building a cage over all motorway/dual carriageway bridges like there is just down the road from that bridge!’

It is not yet known what caused the woman to fall, but several readers have raised concerns for people with mental health problems.

Graham Hutton said: ‘The first thing should be a way of stopping people getting over the rails of the bridges - high fences, razor wire, anything to stop people.

‘Then they need to fund the mental health services better although there will always be some people who slip through the system. Bearing in mind only 1 in 20 people are diagnosed when 1 in 3 suffer from a mental health problem. Prevention first as that affects so many more people, then cure(help).’

Michelle Jones said: ‘Maybe it’s time to make all bridges over motorways and train lines caged in!’

And Danielle Peckham commented: ‘Bridges should be protected so it’s impossible to jump off one, throw things from it etc.’

Some motorway bridges have higher barriers than others. Those on the Portsdown Hill Road bridge over the A3M were raised after a series of incidents there.

*Samaritans free-call hotline: 116 123