More limits on parking set to be imposed

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MORE than 100 roads in Chichester are to have extra parking restrictions.

The changes, approved by West Sussex County Council, will include more double yellow lines, residents-only parking bays, more waiting restrictions and the introduction of permits for residents and visitors.

Miles Davy, a parking officer at the county council, described parking as an ‘extremely emotive subject’.

He added: ‘I do appreciate there will be a number of residents who will not be happy with the proposals put forward.’

In total, 55 written comments were received by the county council. Of them, 39 were against the plans, with nine in support and seven responses were neutral.

Prices for residents’ permits range from £35 to £160 for a first car, to up to £200 for a second car in the city centre.

There will be a six-month review once the changes, which will cost £100,000, are made from April 1.

Mr Davy said, after this, the council might be able to make some minor amendments.