More parking charges for Portsmouth residents to be rolled out next month

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CHARGES for a resident’s first parking permit will be rolled out next month.

There will be a £30 fee for neighbours wanting a pass to park in one of Portsmouth’s parking zones from November 1. The fee will need to be paid when people apply for or renew a permit.

It comes after the council decided earlier this year to scrap free permits in a bid to claw back money in the budget.

The move sparked a backlash from campaigners who felt savings should have been made elsewhere.

It will cost £60 for a second permit and third and subsequent passes are to be £120.

Residents who need to replace their permit because they have lost it, changed vehicle or moved house, will pay an administration fee of £10.

Tory traffic boss Ken Ellcome, said: ‘We currently run the parking scheme at a loss, and so it is being subsidised by residents who may not even live in, or benefit from a scheme.

‘The council has to make massive budget savings every year, introducing a small annual charge for those who want to use a residents parking zone will help towards these savings.’ For further information, visit and search residents parking permits.