New 20mph limits are set for some Chichester streets


Man suffers ‘life-threatening’ injuries after car crash

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RESIDENTIAL streets in Chichester will have a maximum speed limit of 20mph, a committee has agreed.

The decision follows Portsmouth’s lead of introducing the limit in residential areas in 2009.

Following a public consultation over the last few months, the policy was recommended to the South Chichester County Local Committee of West Sussex County Council at a meeting at County Hall in Chichester.

All county councillors on the committee approved the scheme and spoke in favour of the new limit, especially Mark Dunn, conservative councillor for Bourne, who made a heartfelt statement.

He said: ‘About 35 years ago I ran over a child in Clapham.

‘I broke her pelvis and both her legs.’

He added: ‘I was destroyed by this for some time.

‘She made a remarkable recovery. I’m quite clear in my mind – I have absolutely no hesitation in supporting this recommendation.’

Speaking after the meeting, Sarah Sharp, the leader of the Chichester 20’s Plenty campaign, praised Mr Dunn for his bravery.

She said: ‘I really do need to thank everybody who helped with this. A lot of people have helped to get this to happen.’

The community group has campaigned to make 20mph the default speed limit where people live in Chichester, without using traffic-calming measures.

It aims to encourage more people to walk and cycle.