New Isle of Wight ferry to help with travel demands

MP for Portsmouth South meets with Wightlink Ferries Interim CEO, John Burrows
MP for Portsmouth South meets with Wightlink Ferries Interim CEO, John Burrows
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Flick Drummond, MP for Portsmouth South, has welcomed Wightlink Ferries’ plans to introduce a new ship serving the Isle of Wight from Portsmouth.

Mrs Drummond met with Wightlink’s interim chief executive officer, John Burrows, who updated her on the progress of the £45m project which will see 28 jobs created during the construction phase.

She said: ‘Portsmouth is the historic gateway to the Isle of Wight, and it is vital that future ferry services have the capacity to meet the demand for travel to and from the Island, particularly at peak times.

‘I was pleased to learn that Wightlink’s plans will not only do this but will also, through planned improvements to its Gunwharf terminal, help to reduce congestion on the city’s roads.

‘With the route supporting over 1,300 jobs, and delivering nearly 200 daily commuters into the city, it is also vital for our local business economy.

‘At a time when there is increasing strain on the public purse, investment of the type and scale proposed 
by Wightlink is to be welcomed.

‘I was pleased to hear how Wightlink’s plans have taken into account the views of local people and will minimise light and noise pollution both from the new terminal facilities and the new ship.

‘This is a big development and I recognise that some residents could have concerns.’

The planning application will be decided By Portsmouth City Council on March 30.