New review into congestion at Portsmouth roundabout

Rush hour traffic at the Rudmore roundabout
Rush hour traffic at the Rudmore roundabout
Leader of Fareham Borough Council Cllr Sean Woodward

Stubbington bypass project takes a step forward

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A REVIEW is to be held into a congested part of Portsmouth’s traffic network.

The city council wants to resolve traffic flow issues at peak time at the Rudmore Roundabout and down Mile End Road.

It comes after motorists complained about the new layout of the roundabout, which now includes traffic signals designed to balance the flow of the roundabout and bus priority signals on one sliproad to accommodate the new bus lane from the new M275 junction into the city centre.

There has also been discontent about the number of lanes going into the city being reduced from three to two in order to fit in a bus lane. Councillor Ken Ellcome, cabinet member for traffic and transport, has asked council officers to find out what improvements can be made.

He said the layout could be changed at Rudmore to make it clearer to drivers and would consider whether the right-hand lane that goes to the ferry port would still be needed.

Cllr Ellcome said: ‘Obviously there has been a lot of complaints about the queues and it will be a case of seeing where improvements can be made.

‘We need to protect the bus lane at Rudmore for the park and ride and it will be down to officers to look at all solutions.

‘I am not 100 per cent happy with the way things are at the moment.’

Marc Griffin, assistant head of transport, said: ‘The changes made at Rudmore have helped balance the flow for traffic coming from all directions, where previously one or two roads dominated traffic causing delays for others.

‘However there may still be improvements to make and we’re currently drawing up options for potential changes.

‘There is a limit to how much traffic can physically fit in the city so we need to promote sustainable transport where possible but we have to take into account some residents rely on the use of their cars.’

Cllr Gerald Vernon-Jackson, Lib Dem group leader, said he would like officers to consider whether the bus lane south of the Church Street Roundabout should be taken out and have buses queue with other traffic instead.