Outcry at move to scrap Portsmouth parking zone

A Portsmouth City Council parking zone sign
A Portsmouth City Council parking zone sign
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ANGRY residents have criticised plans to scrap a parking zone just months after it was introduced.

Portsmouth City Council is considering getting rid of part-time restrictions that covers 35 roads south of Jessie Road down to Albert Road in Southsea.

Motorists currently need a permit to park in those areas between 5pm and 7pm, and it has ensured residents get a space.

But the zone, which was introduced in March, could now be axed because of the impact it’s having on nearby roads which don’t have parking restrictions.

It has been found that people who don’t qualify for a permit in the zone are leaving their vehicles elsewhere, causing problems for residents.

Steve Shoesmith, of Bramble Road, is furious about the move as he used to struggle to find a space in his road as it was taken up by people who didn’t live there.

It meant he would have to park elsewhere and get a fine.

‘I had hundreds of tickets before because I couldn’t get a place to park,’ he said.

‘I’m absolutely furious about this. The council should either make the whole city permit parking or get rid of it all.’

Cllr Ken Ellcome, Tory cabinet member for traffic and transport, will make a decision at a meeting on Thursday at Portsmouth Guildhall from 10am.

Phil Wright, of Havelock Road, said: ‘Life was a nightmare before we got the zone.

‘Residents went to the trouble of making sure there was support for the scheme and it went through due process.’

Brian McCreesh, also of Havelock Road, said in a letter to Cllr Ellcome: ‘One of the considerations in the MC Zone decision was the issue of long-term parking of student cars which are not allowed in student halls or which remain registered at a parent’s address.

‘Your proposal will only encourage this again.’

The council might also alter another zone in Southsea so that its restrictions are part-time as hundreds of spaces within it are not being used.

Cllr Ellcome said: ‘The problem with displacement parking has been pushed on, which is why the last administration before the elections surveyed another five areas.

‘If we are not careful, we will be pushing this problem across the south of the city.’

He insisted the move wasn’t a political one.