Parking fine gets protester in a real flap

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FURIOUS at what he sees as outrageous parking fines, Roger Wallis took the matter into his own hands.

Dressed as a giant vulture, the 58-year-old took a huge placard warning motorists in Central Retail Park, Havant, they could be fined £100 if they go off site.

Roger Wallis dressed as a vulture to protest against a parking fine

Roger Wallis dressed as a vulture to protest against a parking fine

Mr Wallis, of Abbotstone Avenue, West Leigh, received a ticket when he left the car park to visit a cashpoint machine at 11am last Thursday.

When he returned he had a ticket saying he must pay a £100 fine, reduced to £60 if he pays within 14 days.

He said: ‘I came in to shop at Aldi. I deal in cash and there’s no cashpoint here so I popped into town to get some money first.

‘I had no idea about the new rules because as you drive in there are signs saying “two hours free parking” in big letters.

‘It’s not until you get right up close, in tiny writing, does it say you will get an instant fine if you leave the retail park.

‘There are no facilities here – no toilets or cashpoints. You need to go off-site.

‘As far as I’m concerned, they are vultures, and that’s why I’m dressed as one. I’ve been warning people all day. What they’ve done is outrageous.’

Mr Wallis and other drivers at the retail park yesterday complained the parking signs –by UK Parking – are too high up at around 8ft, the writing is too small, and they are obscured by trees.

A source from Aldi told The News the company is opposing the parking rules as they fear it will have an impact on shoppers using the store.

But a spokeswoman for Wickes said they had asked the managing agents of the retail park, Jones Lang LaSalle, to introduce tougher restrictions because their own customers were finding it difficult to park on market days.

She added: ‘We hope that all those wishing to shop at the Central Retail Park are able to park and shop with ease.’

In a statement, the managing agents of the car park, Jones Lang LaSalle, said: ‘A number of businesses in the park have voiced their concerns that genuine customers have been unable to use the car park to park their vehicles due to misuse from non-customers. We welcome shoppers and our customers are still able to park for free for a maximum of two hours.’