Parking wardens police unpopular Southsea pedestrian scheme

PATROL Traffic wardens on duty in Palmerston Road. Picture: Steve Reid (122646-323)
PATROL Traffic wardens on duty in Palmerston Road. Picture: Steve Reid (122646-323)

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PARKING wardens have been called in to patrol Palmerston Road’s controversial pedestrian area.

Two civic enforcement officers will ticket any cars parking on the Southsea street’s raised section and warn drivers who ignore it they are breaking the law.

But the council employees, who will spend four hours a day in the road, do not have powers to fine moving cars as this can only be done by the police.

Business owners and residents have repeatedly voiced criticism of the scheme, which they believe is confusing for drivers and pedestrians, damaging to some shops’ trade, and was not fully consulted on before being given the green light.

Now the chairman of the Southsea Association, Vince Faithfull, has said council money is being wasted on policing a road system that isn’t working.

He said: ‘It’s bizarre.

‘It is so confusing because it doesn’t say no entry across the front. It still has the standard lines that you get at a junction where you give way.

‘It’s absurd and now we have got taxpayers’ money going into two wardens who are only in that area.

‘But it looks like we are stuck with this system, so we want the council to look at improving it.

‘Clear signs would help and so would lowering bollards or moving the planters to make it look like a one-way street.’

A Facebook group dedicated to collecting pictures of cars flouting the road’s rules has also now attracted almost 400 members.

A council spokesman said: ‘We are situating civic enforcement officers in Palmerston Road south for four hours a day.

‘This is to issue instant parking charge notices to any vehicles parking illegally and also to educate any drivers who are entering the zone and are unaware of the new restrictions.

‘We do not have powers to ticket moving vehicles, this responsibility lies with the police who we are working with, hence we are only educating drivers unless they park up.

‘As with any new scheme there is a bedding-in period while people get used to the changes.

‘We continue to make minor improvements to the scheme where we can such as the recent red surfacing at the northern entrance to the pedestrian zone to try and discourage drivers.’

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