Passing medic helps driver of crashed car

Breakdown workers preparing to haul out of the sea one of the cars involved in an accident on the Havant by-pass

THIS WEEK IN 1970: Havant by-pass cars plunge into the sea

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A DRIVER walked away from an early morning motorway smash.

The collision happened on the westbound M27 at Junction 11 for Fareham shortly before 1.26am yesterday.

Firefighters who were called out said the car hit the central reservation and rolled over, coming to rest between the junction’s exit and entry sliproads.

An ambulance, complete with medic, was being towed along the motorway at the time so the man could get medical help immediately.

‘He was actually tending to the casualty when we arrived,’ said watch manager Simon Whelan, of Fareham fire station.

‘We made a start cutting the roof of the car off, but actually in the end the ambulance staff stepped the casualty out of the car, onto a spinal board and into an ambulance.’

The westbound side of the motorway was closed, though traffic was able to come off and rejoin straight away at the junction.

The eastbound side was also closed for a short period of time to allow debris to be cleared away.

A crew from Cosham fire station also attended, and the incident was over by about 2.10am.