Pensioner’s car stuck on rising electric barriers in Whiteley

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A PENSIONER’S car was left stuck on bollards as they automatically rose when she tried to drive over them.

Police were called to Yew Tree Drive in Whiteley at 4pm on Monday as a blue Peugeot 206 was stranded on top of the electronically-controlled bollards.

The female driver, believed to be in her 70s and not from the area, was visiting relatives in Whiteley.

It is thought she had tried to follow another vehicle, possibly a minibus, through the remote-controlled bollards which then went up underneath her car.

Whiteley parish councillor David Jenkins said: ‘There are warning signs but if she doesn’t know the area and didn’t pay attention, it’s easy to see how she just followed another vehicle through and unfortunately this happened.’

Police were called at around 4pm to locate the driver as the car had been left stranded on the bollards and was blocking the bus route. The damage to the car was extensive and it is thought to be a write-off.

The lane is reserved for buses and emergency vehicles and the bollards are operated by electronic tags.

The controversial bus gate has been a hot topic in Whiteley as it is written in the Fareham Borough Council’s local plan that the junction will not be opened until Whiteley Way is completed.

The council plans to ask residents to vote on whether they would like to see it open for a six-month trial.

Depending on the survey results, the bollards could be lowered in May.

Cllr Jenkins said: ‘It is extremely important that people respond to this survey as it may be their last chance they get to have their say for the next 10 or 15 years.’

A petition by Whiteley parish council collected over 2,000 signatures calling for the bollards to be left down.

Adrian Bold, Whiteley resident, said: ‘Those bollards have been up and down like a yo-yo.’

County councillor Patricia Stallard said: ‘I am terribly sorry to hear of this poor woman. These bollards are an issue and I want to highlight the importance of people having their say in the coming survey – whatever their view.’

The bollard on the lane out of Whiteley was still out of action yesterday.