Plans to ease bottlenecks announced

The government has plans to ease bottlenecks on the M27
The government has plans to ease bottlenecks on the M27
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Millions of pounds will be spent upgrading roads in the area, the government announced today.

Transport secretary Patrick McLoughlin unveiled a £217m national programme of works to motorways and A-roads today.

And as part of that, the M27 and A3 will see improvements aimed at easing bottlenecks.

Junctions three and five on the M27 will have sliproads widened, new lanes created and traffic signals installed.

Work on the A3 will reduce congestion by creating a segregated left turn lane at Petersfield.

Around £12.8m will be spent on roads in our area, which also includes the A34 and M3.

Mr McLoughlin said: ‘Keeping traffic moving is vital to securing prosperity.

‘By removing bottlenecks and improving access to local enterprise zones, key international trading ports and communities, these road schemes will help get people to and from work and power the economy.’