Plasterer’s lucky crash escape

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The Emsworth and District bus without its roof, after hitting the bridge. Credit: John Horsman

Roof torn off double-decker bus in Emsworth after railway ‘bridge strike’

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A PLASTERER is lucky to be alive after his van careered three lanes across a motorway and rolled up an embankment.

The man, aged in his 20s, was driving westbound along the M27 near junction 11 at Fareham when he heard a bang in his van.

He lost control of the car and it travelled across the motorway.

Police, firefighters and paramedics were at the scene within minutes following the accident at about 8.30am on Saturday.

Cosham firefighter Simon Lovelock, who went to help, said: ‘He was changing from lane two to lane three when he heard a banging noise.

‘He went across the lane and up an embankment, eventually rolling a couple of times.

‘He managed to climb out himself and had cuts to his hands and head.

‘I have no doubt if he had not been wearing a seat belt it would have been a lot worse.’

He added: ‘He was covered head to toe in plaster powder. All you could see were his eyes.’

The man was taken to Queen Alexandra Hospital on a spinal board for treatment.