‘Please be patient if you are delayed by tractor’

The mechanical issue also led to a disturbance yesterday. Picture: Wightlink

Wightlink cancels 12 Portsmouth ferry services for Wednesday amid ‘mechanical issues’

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MOTORISTS are being urged to be patient when driving behind slow-moving tractors and farm machinery.

As farms enter the harvest period, the National Farmers’ Union said many are working round the clock to get jobs done.

Sandra Nichols, senior policy adviser for the south east, said: ‘This summer’s bad weather has meant that farmers are about a month behind schedule with many jobs and now the sun is shining all the work has come at once.

‘Farmers are frantically gathering in crops of silage and hay as they’re going into the main harvest period.’

She added: ‘We must all remember that farmers are producing our food and they need to gather in perishable crops in optimum conditions.

‘Please be understanding if you find yourself delayed a little when driving behind a tractor or a combine harvester.’

The NFU is also reminding farmers to check their mirrors frequently and to pull over if they see a queue of vehicles building up behind them.