Police hunt truck driver who left girl injured beside road

INJURED 15-year-old Keela Nee was badly hurt after being knock down by a white truck
INJURED 15-year-old Keela Nee was badly hurt after being knock down by a white truck
Picture: Steve Robards

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A TEENAGER needed 28 stitches after being hit in the face by a truck as she tried to cross the road.

Keela Nee was standing on the kerb-side when she was struck by the vehicle – which drove off.

SCENE Tempest Avenue in Waterlooville

SCENE Tempest Avenue in Waterlooville

The impact sent her flying backwards, knocking her unconscious.

The 15-year-old said all she can remember is waking up in a pool of blood.

She said: ‘I don’t remember anything about what happened apart from seeing a bus go past me then suddenly blacking out.

‘I woke up and there was a lady from the ambulance and I heard my mum. I was in a lot of pain.

‘I had a really big headache and there was lots of blood which really frightened me because I’m not good with blood.

‘When the hospital checked the back of my head they found green paint – obviously something was sticking out of the van that hit me.

‘They bandaged my head to try and stop the bleeding which was coming from near my left eye.

‘I had to have 28 stitches.

‘They were worried that I might have a brain injury because I had concussion so they kept me in.

‘I’m sore but mostly tired. It’s taken a lot out of me. ’

Keela, a pupil at Crookhorn Community College, was waiting to cross Tempest Avenue, Waterlooville, at 8.30am on Friday when the accident happened.

Witnesses say the vehicle that hit Keela was either a skip lorry or a van of some sort.

Police believe it’s feasible the driver did not even know they had hit Keela.

But her mother, Ashleigh, is not convinced.

She said: ‘I had just come back from taking my son to school when I got the call to say Keela had been hit by a truck.

‘When I got there my heart stopped, she was lying on the ground with blood all over the place.

‘She looked dead.

‘I could not breathe, then suddenly I heard her say “mummy”.

‘I would like to know exactly why the driver took off.

‘From her injuries there’s no way they would not have felt it happen.’

Keela, from Kempton Park, Waterlooville, was on her way to a work placement at the Westbrook Little People nursery when the accident happened.

It was her second week there and she will not be well enough to go back, which she is very upset about.

Doctors have told her it is unlikely she will have serious scarring and she has been given anti-scarring cream to reduce the risk.

Anyone with information about the incident should contact PC Neville Johnson at Fratton Roads Policing Unit on 101.

Or contact Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.