Poll shows most against parking permit charges

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A snap poll has shown a big majority of respondents against the decision to charge Portsmouth motorists for residents’ parking permits.

We launched the vote at portsmouth.co.uk after the controversial decision by Portsmouth City Council.

Of 341 respondents, 71 per cent said they did not believe drivers should be charged for their main permit, with 29 per cent agreeing with the charge.

As of April 1, home owners living in parking restricted areas will be charged £40 for a permit for their first car registered to their house, with further cars subject to additional charges.

When The News spoke to residents who would be affected by the change, several said they were unaware of it, and disagreed with the adjustment introduced by Councillor Ken Ellcome, the councillor responsible for transport in the city.

Adnan Avdic, 29, of Samuel Road, Fratton had only recently received his current parking permit said: ‘It is not fair that I would have to pay £40 to continue to hold my permit, but I can drive a few yards to the end of the road and park for free.’

Another resident of Samuel Road, Janet Pook, 55, asked: ‘If it is being introduced why is it not compulsory for everyone?

‘We already pay our road tax so why should we now pay extra to park our cars on the road we live on?’

Cllr Ellcome said the move was necessary as the council tries to recoup a loss of £380,000 last year controlling these areas.

However, some people who live in these areas say they have not see any evidence of these roads being controlled.

Peter Paynter, 58, of Powercourt Road, North End, said: ‘There are several cars that park around here that don’t have permits and never get tickets.

‘Yet my permit was three days out of date and I get a ticket! It doesn’t make sense.

‘I’m not happy with this, I couldn’t tell you the last time I saw a traffic warden around her either.

‘I currently have my car and a van, and I am happy to pay the permit for the second vehicle as it secures me a parking place, but it is unfair to charge people to park outside their homes.’

Portsmouth City Council has decided it is only going to keep parking zones in areas where drivers are willing to pay charges.

The authority is asking residents whether they would pay £40 a year for their first permit if it meant being able to park on or near their road – but is refusing to ask if drivers would prefer permits to remain free.

Charges for extra permits would rise.