Portsmouth businessman angry after they were taken off private land

NOT HAPPY Daniel O'Reilly from the Milton Motor Company.  Picture: Steve Reid (121998-273)
NOT HAPPY Daniel O'Reilly from the Milton Motor Company. Picture: Steve Reid (121998-273)
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THE owners of a car company in Portsmouth want an apology from the DVLA after two of its cars were towed away for having no tax – even though they were on private land.

The cars were parked in an area leased by sales firm Milton Car Company, in Milton Road, when they were taken by VEAS – a company that clamps untaxed cars on behalf of the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Association (DVLA).

Having been towed from the site, formerly the car park of the White House pub, they were returned a week later after the sales business contacted VEAS with proof of the lease for the land.

One of the cars was for sale, and the second belonged to a customer and was waiting for repair work to be carried out in the firm’s garage.

Daniel O’Reilly, one of the partners at Milton Car Company, said: ‘They’ve admitted they were in the wrong, but we want an apology and confirmation they will not do it again.

‘The cars were on private land, so we’re annoyed that it happened.

‘We want to be able to go to sleep at night and not worry that our cars will be gone in the morning.’

But VEAS claims that because the land is accessible to the public, as there are recycling banks there, it is not officially classed as private.

A spokeswoman said: ‘Before we clamped the vehicles we sought authorisation, from the DVLA, which checks its records for the most up to date vehicle information.

‘By law, our enforcement officers are able to check all publicly-accessible land for untaxed vehicles.

‘On the June 4 our enforcement officers visited and removed two untaxed vehicles parked on publicly-accessible land.

‘Milton Park Motor Company informed us that the cars were on privately-owned land.

‘On this occasion they provided proof and as such, our enforcement officers returned the vehicles on the June 11, 2012.’

It is the second time cars have been targeted on the site.

Three were clamped in the car park last November but were released without charge after it became clear the firm was trading from the site, as reported in The News.