Portsmouth is hotspot for motorbike accidents

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PORTSMOUTH has been named one of the UK’s biggest motorbike accident hotspots.

It comes as figures collected by bike insurance firm Bennetts reveal that 9.96 per cent of all accidents on the road in the city relate to motorcyclists.

Only Norwich, Leicester and London have a higher percentage of motorbike related crashes.

The findings come on the back of Bennetts’ petition to ensure compulsory motorbike-related questions are included in driving tests to help raise awareness of biker safety on roads. Currently, prospective drivers can pass their driving test without having to answering questions about motorbikes. Bennetts has also discovered that Thursdays are the most unsafe day to ride a motorbike, whilst the weekend is the safest time to ride.

Bikers named David are the most vulnerable on the road, accounting for 15% of total claims. Hannah Squirrell, of Bennetts, said: ‘Our findings aim to make all road-users more aware of the presence and vulnerability of bikers in Portsmouth.’