Portsmouth is ranked one of the most congested

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PORTSMOUTH has been ranked in the top 20 most congested cities in the UK.

The ratings have come from research undertaken by sat nav firm TomTom, which analysed nine trillion pieces of worldwide data.

It found the average British commuter spends nine days a year stuck in traffic and drivers with a 30 minute commute waste 59 hours a year stuck in traffic.

Portsmouth was ranked 13th most congested city, with the most congested being Belfast, followed by Bristol, then Brighton.

The research found the worst times of the week are Tuesday mornings and Wednesday evenings and traffic jams in 11 out of 17 of Britain’s biggest cities have got worse in the past year. Cardiff has seen the biggest increase in congestion in the past year, followed by Portsmouth and Brighton.

TomTom’s CEO, Harold Goddijn said: ‘The traditional responses to tackling congestion, like building new roads or widening existing ones are no longer proving effective. The way traffic is managed needs significant change. Real-time traffic information has the potential to ease congestion by routing drivers away from gridlock.’