Portsmouth Lib Dem councillor says residents ‘aren’t being treated the same’ in light of parking zone decisions

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A LIB DEM councillor has questioned why Portsmouth residents are not all being treated equally in light of recent decisions taken over city parking zones.

Cllr Lee Hunt spoke out after a council panel ruled Tory traffic boss Ken Ellcome must look again at his decision to suspend parking restrictions in 11 Somers Town roads that make up the bulk of the LB residents’ parking zone.

It’s hugely unfair, this is being done on the hoof all of the time.

Lib Dem central Southsea councillor Lee Hunt

The decision was taken at the same time as scrapping Southsea’s MB and MC zones due to problems with ‘displacement parking’ – people without permits leaving cars in surrounding roads.

Cllr Hunt said it is not fair that LB residents got a second chance, when residents he represents in Southsea wanted their zones kept.

He said: ‘It’s hugely unfair, this is being done on the hoof all of the time.

‘The Tory administration is making a dog’s dinner of everything.’

Campaigners hope Cllr Ellcome will left the LB suspension before the original decision comes into force on January 18.

LB resident Peter Prince welcomed the result.

He said: ‘It’s good we may be keeping the zone. At the moment, because the students are gone, there are places to park. But it’s congested around there. These people on the council don’t realise what it’s like all the time.’

Cllr Ellcome admitted he had not consulted over the suspension of LB and said he had used his own ‘professional expertise and experience’ to form a view.