Portsmouth road changes spark big reaction

Portsmouth North End's Alan Collins, who is one of British Cycling's accredited marshals

Road users told stop means stop under British Cycling scheme

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Drivers have voiced their frustration over ongoing traffic problems in Portsmouth.

People have made their views known on The News Facebook page that the changes made on the road network must be reversed as the system now cannot cope.

Saturday lunchtime traffic on Rudmore Roundabout.'Picture: Ian Hargreaves (150032-6)

Saturday lunchtime traffic on Rudmore Roundabout.'Picture: Ian Hargreaves (150032-6)

It comes after a video on Boxing Day showed how drivers travelling south alongside the Estella Road flats had to edge out into heavy traffic in order to avoid the bus lane.

Josephine Carse said: ‘It is the most ridiculous piece of road layout.

‘It is dangerous and I’m surprised that there hasn’t been an accident yet.

‘This is Portsmouth City Council at its worst, pandering to the buses yet again.’

Bonnie Whiting said: ‘Worst road layout ever invented.

‘Taking out a lane causes more mayhem and you never see a bus in the lane, just taxis.’

Shelby Bridger said: ‘I saw someone that wasn’t used to the new layout nearly causing an accident because he didn’t expect any different!’

Tim Green said: ‘God forbid, but it will probably take numerous people to die/become seriously injured as a result of this cock-up before our council takes action.’

Jamie Farrell said: ‘It causes more traffic now than before – take it away and bring the old system back.’

Shirley Youd said: ‘It’s been a disaster waiting to happen.

‘It just causes traffic delays.

‘Living in Hilsea and having to go to Landport or Southsea – I now use Fratton Road or/and Buckland to drive through – I’m sure I’m not the only one.

‘They have caused a traffic nightmare.’

Mick Bradley said: ‘Absolute waste of time and taxpayers’ money.

‘Just typical of PCC – couldn’t run a party in a brewery.’

Valerie Shaw said: ‘The old way was much better, so why if it’s not broke does someone always want to fix it? ‘Driving visitors to Southampton and Chichester, that’s all Pompey needs!’

Stuart Pearson added: ‘Made getting into Portsmouth a joke.

‘I did my Christmas shopping elsewhere as I didn’t want to sit in the traffic for an hour and a half.

‘Taking it from three to four lanes down to two on the main route into a city is a great idea for the 35 people on a bus, but what about the 15,000 people who need to drive into Pompey?’