Portsmouth road could be changed after crash

ACCIDENT The scene of the crash in Locksway Road, Milton in April
ACCIDENT The scene of the crash in Locksway Road, Milton in April
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IMPROVEMENTS could be made to a road where a pensioner was critically injured.

Clearer signs could be installed so drivers are more aware of a mini-roundabout at the junction of Locksway Road and Milton Road, Portsmouth.

New signs showing people where to go as they make an exit could also be introduced.

The two lanes that go northbound could be merged into one to help improve traffic flow.

Illustrations of the plans were shown at the meeting of Milton Neighbourhood Forum.

The proposals come after a 77-year-old woman was hit by a lorry while crossing the road in April.

She lost one leg as a result of the collision, and fractured the other and was airlifted to hospital.

Council leader Gerald Vernon-Jackson, who is also a councillor for Milton, said: ‘It looks as if people going northbound from the shops have to go into two lanes and that causes a bit of a problem.

‘There is only one lane in use at the moment because the gas board is digging up the road and it seems to be working better.

‘There are directional signs already in place but some of them are right on top of the roundabout, which are difficult to see before you approach.’

Deputy Conservative group leader Cllr Luke Stubbs said he was glad improvements were being looked at.

‘It’s only a painted roundabout so you see drivers go straight across it. You also see drivers pulling out of Locksway Road not being given priority, which is roundabout rules.’

The proposals will be discussed at a future council meeting.