Portsmouth top for transport satisfaction

Picture: Carey Tompsett/PA Wire

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Portsmouth has come top in a national survey of residents’ satisfaction with roads and transport.

The city came first out of 70 areas surveyed, with an average overall satisfaction rating of more than 60 per cent.

More than 800 city residents, randomly selected, completed the National Highways and Transport Survey.

They were asked how satisfied or dissatisfied they were overall with transport and highways services, and on this question, Portsmouth had the highest rating in the country.

Portsmouth was rated best out of the 70 areas for road surfaces, road maintenance, speed of street light repairs, speed and quality of road and pavement repairs, condition and cleanliness of road signs, and speed limits.

It was rated second for cycle facilities at workplaces, safe walking, maintenance of verges, and how easily people with disabilities can get around on city streets.

Cllr Jason Fazackarley, Portsmouth City Council’s head of traffic and transportation, said: ‘These results show our residents are getting benefits from the council’s long-term arrangement with our highways contractor Colas, and from our 20mph policy.’

The survey was carried out by market research specialist Ipsos MORI.