Residents are urged to get behind plan for Chichester 20mph limit

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THE Green Party MEP for Sussex and the south east is urging Chichester residents to respond to West Sussex County Council’s consultation on introducing a city-wide 20mph 
speed limit.

Keith Taylor spoke out about the council’s plans for the 20mph limit imposed on the city centre to be extended to cover the whole city.

He is the Green MEP responsible for road safety in the European Parliament and visited Chichester several times last year to support city residents’ calls for the 20mph area to be extended.

Mr Taylor said: ‘A city-wide 20mph limit would make a huge difference.

‘It would save lives. The facts are clear: a pedestrian hit by a car travelling at 20mph is likely to suffer slight injuries, at 30mph they are likely to be severely injured and at 40mph or above they are likely to be killed.

‘I hope residents are as enthusiastic about the proposal as I am. I’d urge everyone to have their say by responding to the council’s consultation which closes on September 24.’

Sarah Sharp, a 20’s Plenty campaigner from Chichester, said: ‘We need to set speeds to protect people who need to, or choose to, walk and cycle as it is healthier for them.’

Portsmouth was the first city in the country to adopt a 20mph limit for almost all residential roads.